Feb 032014

Last Thursday (January 30th) we gathered at Games People Play to commence the Sorcerer campaign.  Alissa, Carter, Joshua, Nat, and Sebastian engaged in some exciting “story now” role-play. As for the venue, while Games People Play lacks the style and amenities of the Board Room, our table at least had something we’d all been missing: […]

Jan 242014

Jochi Khan, Tsolmon and Bainer… are the names of three important figures in the tragically short history of the Bronze Horde.  As a contemporary of Ghengis Khan, Jochi struggled to make a name for himself and his 100 followers (and their families).  Camped outside the Silver City he cherished visions of glorious conquest.  Alongside of […]

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Jan 172014

Last night at the Board Room, five scene members, Alissa, Carter, Joshua, Nat and Sebastian gathered for character creation.  Our Sorcerer game is set in modern day Halifax, on the wet and grimy streets we trudge along every day.  As I mentioned in my email invitation the only definitive difference between our fantasy Halifax and […]

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Dec 122013
[Murderous Ghosts] "Ships died here"

By 7:45 only Carter and I had arrived at the Board Room on the bitterly cold night of 12/12.  So to fight off the shivers we decided to delve into some violent psychological horror courtesy of Vincent Baker.  Very soon after Sebastian and Elizabeth arrived and “checked in” with the Scene before finding a slightly […]

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Dec 062013

Also on December 5th,  Nat, Sam and Kieva played a game of Fiasco using the Time Warp playset.  This sees the players choosing from a variety of historical locations, lost treasures, and future possibilities as they adopt the roles of “time agents” who (nominally) fight against chronological wrongdoing throughout the continuum.  Being human though, they’re also […]

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Dec 042013
[Lady Blackbird] Once an imperial, always an outcast?

 Sadly it didn’t occur to me to take a picture of the Scene’s first foray into public house gaming.  Altogether eight people showed up.  Five of us (Alissa, Carter, John, Hugh, and Joshua) played Lady Blackbird while Nat, Sam, and Kieva played Fiasco at a nearby table,  (see separate post). My first comment about the […]

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Nov 262013
[Gentlemen Thieves]  and [Exodus] Sampling Halifax's finest 'micro-brewed' games.

[Gentlemen Thieves] Aristocratic Scallywags of Leisure… By no means can you call it a play test when the game has been published and launched  to great acclaim at HalCon 2013.  None-the-less it was the first opportunity for most of us at this table to play the latest edition of Sam Fraser’s excellent story-telling game.  The […]

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