Apr 042014
[Shooting the Moon] Romancing the Code

On March 27, 2014 Sam, Nat and Joshua gathered at the Board Room.  After the owner bullied us (hey we didn’t resist that hard) into playing a cool space board game (what was it called?), Joshua bullied the group into trying out “Shooting the Moon” by Emily Care Boss . I required that I play […]

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Apr 042014

Present: Joshua, Alissa, Sebastian, Nat. Regrets: Carter.   Starting off where the last game ended; Tasha’s badge has just exploded and Ssss/Smith has been accepted and bound by the unconscious Stephen Demoine. The explosion created a loud bang and lots of shrapnel, some actually lodging in Tasha’s vest. The other cops turn around, guns drawn […]

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Mar 292014
A Quartet for Ravens, Session Two

Here’s an update from Geoffrey et al’s game.  I believe the played on St. Patrick’s Day, 2014. Geoffrey writes: After a slight delay, we played another session of QfR on Monday, accompanied by fresh oatmeal cookies, a not-at-all bad bottle of homemade white wine, and the requisite number of cats. (Comments in italics) The first […]

Mar 102014

Nat and Sebastian arrived at Joshua’s house last Saturday (March 8th) and collectively we found we were in peaceful possession of a veritable ocean beer. This provided an ideal occasion upon which  to embark upon an rash and unplanned raid on Pirates! by Michaël Janod. …Pirates!, a free tabletop rpg inspired by the eponymous movie by Polanski. It’s a […]

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Mar 062014

The ‘Hali-fatality’ campaign continued at Games People Play tonight.  Present: Joshua, Nat, Cater, and Alissa; regrets: Sebastian. I really felt like tonight was a break through in terms of fun and excitement at the table. The stories started to develop.  Characters took off and crisis points started to bloom. In many ways I was less […]

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Mar 062014

March 6th saw Alissa, Geoffrey, Jennifer, Joshua, Nat and Sam gather at Joshua’s house.  Festivities included a quick but satisfying game of Coup and some stimulating playtesting of some of Sam’s current prototypes.  First we played his story telling game that pits competitors against each other in an attempt to move objects and characters around […]

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Feb 182014

On February 11th, 2014 something strange and marvellous took shape in Halifax. Geoffrey reports: About 25 years ago, my gaming group in Toronto decided to try something that was unheard of: a roleplaying game in which the players didn’t handle any dice, never saw their character sheets, and didn’t even necessarily know the rules of […]

Feb 172014

Word has it that Sam Fraser (Grow Giant Games) has been testing an interesting prototype.  On February 6th I believe Sam and Alissa played out a few permutations at The Board Room.  On the 7th Sam and Joshua met at Joshua’s house and experimented further. I know I gave plenty of feedback during the session […]

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