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Almost all pages have comments enabled now, but for the most general/slash official chatter please use this page. It is threaded in theory and might be all we need.

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  1. This is the first comment. Please reply if you’re reading this. Thanks!

  2. I am reading this. And well done on getting Disqus up! Let me know if you want me to work on the layout of the main site.

  3. Absolutely! Hey did you notice Fred Hicks commented on my summary of your FAE adventure?

  4. Oh god . . . now I’m all nervous. You should definitely count that towards their StreetTeam initiative.

  5. Talented photo-journalist Mariza Dunham Gaspar has graciously granted permission to use one of her photographs on this site. I feel it is portrays a beautiful but haunting vision of Halifax as is. I also think it could provide excellent elements for background/theme and even logo – maybe by adding a bit of supernatural distortion. Any thoughts or ideas?

  6. like maybe an elder god rising up behind Georges Island… just for example