Vincent King


Vincent King – successful “fantasy” author who only writes non-fiction

Since Vincent discovered Demons and Sorcery, he has been writing about them and telling the world. Wisely he disguises it all as fantasy and is making a mint in the process.

Demon: Kenneth Thomas is an object demon, housed in the severed toe of the late Kenneth Thomas, (an urban spelunker who dies while exploring the ruins of the Cornwallis Group Ship building disaster).  The toe provides Vincent with vivid visions of ghostly and paranormal events past and present.   Vincent finds that this gives him great material for writing.  If his life is threatened, Vincent can kick out in self defence, re-enacting Kenneth Thomas’s last moments, causing grievous slashing and cutting damage. The demon desires ‘high society’ it needs regular medical attention.

Kicker: The latest book, a fictional account of  heinous corporate decisions by a military ship building company has been published and no one in Halifax misses the parallels to the recent Cornwallis Group tragedy. This has attracted sinister attention.

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