Tasha Garien


Tasha Garien – city cop haunted by her husband and his brutal death

Tasha Garien once  control of her first demon and it killed her fiancée.  She used her lore to ‘save’ him by binding his spirit in a wedding ring. Her life since has been devoted to fulfilling his needs and desires from beyond the grave.  She’s become the most driven detective in major crimes with an inhuman closure rate.

Demon: An object demon in her wedding band.  He can detect lying generally and produces a high pitched ringing sound whenever he hears it. Only Tasha can hear this.  She has to listen to it even if she’s the one lying. The demon’s need is to be bathed regularly in tears.

Kicker: She is positive she knows who killed Karla Strang.  However she isn’t allowed to work on the case.  The prime suspect (in her mind) is Stordy MacKay the son of her boss, Chief Mark MacKay.

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