Sorcerer: Halifax and the watery karma of the dead


Demons in Halifax are derived from the unquiet spirits of the dead who met their untimely demise due to the cities unique history, or the sea or both. Whether other cities or locations in the world produce demons is uncertain, but for now all our sorcerers know is that it is in this place and these waters that they must practice their lore. I say derived from the spirits of the dead because there seems a range of phenomenon some demons are very clearly a ghost of a particular person. One character for example, whose husband died a brutal death at the hands of another demon managed to bind his spirit within her wedding band.  Presumably the horror and unnatural cause of his death was enough to generate sufficient rage/karma to create a demon.  On the other hand some demons seem to have no discernible link to an individual departed soul but instead are bestial or bizarre manifestation of the karma created by some mass tragedy or atrocity.


  • Shake – demoniacally deranged can collector
  • Tasha Garien – city cop haunted by her husband and his brutal death
  • Vincent King – successful “fantasy” author who only writes non-fiction
  • Stephen deMoine – adjunct computer science professor scarred by hell-fire


  • Dominic
  • Petrus
  • Kyoteh
  • Kenneth Smith
  • Wimpy
  • Sss


  • Kyla Mardine
  • Sonya Aranha
  • Jeremy Pyke – Tasha’s partner
  • Damien Knox – Used to work at the recycle depot. Friend of Shake – on the run from the Blue Devil Motorcycle Club
  • Simon Kim – CS student, suspected of killing Karla Strang
  • Emily Methune – Post Doc in marine biology, dating Stephen Demoine
  • Karla Strang – tragic young murder victim, gruesome murder scene
  • Sam Smythe – Classics professor, found dead no official cause of death determined
  • Mark MacKay – Chief of police
  • Stordy MacKay – Mark’s son, Tasha believes he’s responsible for Karla’s death.  Interogating him got her in serious trouble with the chief.
  • Annabel Delane – Psychiatrist, friend of Tasha’s late husband.  Is keeping something secret from Tasha about Peter.
  • Quentin Johnson – Vincent King’s publisher.
  • Sasheen Miller – friend of Vincent, owns an occult book and antique shop.






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  2. Play report for Jan 30th:
    We assembled and dealt with a few last housekeeping concerns. Then jumped into play. My humble goal for the session was for each character to get to roll some dice either in combat or while practising sorcery. We achieved at least 2 decent combats and the other two characters made some Lore checks at least so I’m satisfied.

    Vincent King received an invitation to attend a fancy ball for left-wing radical intellectuals at the Westin Hotel. He was to be an honoured guest, though not expected to give a speech. KT (the object demon residing in a severed toe) clearly wanted to come to fulfill his desire for hobnobbing with high society. Vincent’s solution was truly idiosyncratic. He used spirit gum and gauze bandages to attach the toe to his own thumb. I suppose this was a way to allow the demon some exposure and attention. In retrospect I certainly should have rolled, during combat, to see if this fell or (more likely) painfully tore away.

    Vincent was met at the door by Sonya Aranha who had invited him. She kept him close throughout evening. The keynote speaker at the Gala was a certain Carlos S. Lopez, a fiery member of Hugo Chavez’s executive in Venezuela. After his rather incendiary speech, Sonya invited Vincent to take a walk with her along the waterfront and meet some of her associates involved in some covert liberal activism. Before the meeting occurred however Sonya and Vincent are jumped by some thugs disguised as rowdy students on the boardwalk. They are quickly separated and Vincent is left fighting two on his own. Though he throws some convincing punches, they ultimately overwhelm him and whisk him into a waiting vehicle. Once inside he’s threateningly interrogated about his sources for his most recent novel “Fear Starts Here” which with thin veneer of fantasy contains a biting indictment of the Cornwallis Groups role in a recent ship-building tragedy.

    Eager to escape scrutiny, Vincent gives them the name of an innocent shopkeeper Sasheen Miller. Sasheen owns an occult books and curiosity shop in Dartmouth. Vincent had been a regular customer of hers for sometime.

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  4. Thanks that’s a great writeup! In the section above (characters and demons) would you please take out this line for Tasha Garien ( ”He only desires justice”, she says, “he only needs me to extract confessions from the guilty”.) since it’s not true, and put in a line about Kenneth Thomas’ (demon) need? It was something about being handled and being with rich and famous wasn’t it?

  5. Fixed! Thanks for checking the details.

  6. No problem. I really enjoyed last Thursday. Why has the section for shake turned into a link I have to click? is it a glitch? Does this happen for anyone else?

  7. Not a glitch. I did that and was contemplating putting the other character descriptions on separate pages to make it easier to get through this one. What to you think?

  8. I think it’s a good idea. This page will get quite crowded with the bi-weekly updates.

  9. My favourite lines of the February 13th game: “And then there was light!” “He threw my bible in the snow!”. I also enjoyed Vincent hanging up on the bookstore lady.

  10. Nice job on this page! Jeremy’s last name is Pyke.

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