how the halifax indie gaming scene works

The “unwritten” (though actually they’ve been written several times) terms of engagement are thus:
If one person on the email list* announces that they will host and facilitate a game on Thursday night then that becomes the Plan.  The person is thence forth known as “the host” and they become responsible for choosing the time and place and gaming topic.
If no person makes any such announcement then it seems by default we tend to show up at The Board Room at 7:30pm.
If more than one person makes such an announcement then… well we don’t know yet.  We’ll have to decide if that ever happens.
Prior to and after making an announcement discussion is permitted and encouraged.  However it is probably kind and nice not to tinker too much with the time and place once a big announcement has been made or else someone will end up in the wrong place.
Finally, the Plan as it stands is posted on the website. Usually.
All of the above is written in stone, but remember chalk on a slate counts as stone.
*if you want to be on the email list comment on the website somewhere that you want to be on the list.
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