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Halifax, Nova Scotia has a thriving gaming community.  There are well over 500 members in the Halifax Gamers meet-up group and the Nova Scotia Boardgame Society.  There are open gaming nights practically every night of the week at local comic and game stores.  On Barrington Street, Games People Play and The Boardroom Board Game Cafe offer excellent walk-in and start gaming venues. In the midst of this I believe there is sufficient critical mass to see the birth of a “scene within a scene”.  Indie games are the bleeding edge of the hobby, if this is fertile ground, the indie games are the weeds, hybrids and rogue GMO crops blown in by the wind or dropped by seagulls.  This site is here to pour fresh water, fertilizer and sunshine on those tenacious little sprouts.

The Halifax ‘indie’ scene is essentially an intersection between the types of things that belong on the following lists.

Indie Role-playing Games:

The Greater Halifax Gaming Scene:

How do I get involved?


Joshua Bearden


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