Apr 232015

Higs Renuion 2015Friday, April 17th – Halifax Indy gamers gathered at Josh’s house to fritter away our lives. Sam Fraser of Grow Giant Games (yes that’s a plug Sam), offered up a chance to play-test a project he’s had on the back-burner of an old decommissioned wood stove hidden in a shed at the old homestead.

The Clam Farmer

The Dog-eared Super Hero doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with super heroes.  In our iteration it featured a beleaguered clam-farmer trying to hold her family together on the shores of Nova Scotia while exploiting her supernatural connection to the tasty bi-valves.  Sam has done a lot of experimentation with story-building games.  Working at all levels of granularity – I recall him testing a game that worked on a word by word scale.  What I think really works well with this one is that the players get to actually write. Instead of role-play or drama, the players simply write out an event or scene or 2-3 lines of dialogue on an index card.  Each round the cards are read out and the table votes on which one becomes canon.

This gave everyone a chance to experience the pleasure of uncompromising creativity while tending to create a mostly coherent story.

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  1. Thanks for the plug Josh!

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