Jul 162014

So on July 10th players met at Sam’s place for our third AW session.  Astute readers of this record will note therefore that this implies an undocumented second session. If you are that reader you are correct.  If I had made a a post I know the title would have been: [Apocalypse World] You gotta know when to hold ’em. With such a precedent, the title for this report would make even more sense.  Action during that lost session revolved around the struggles of Vega’s hard hold: Iron Well. Iron well dealt with a refugee problem, shunting some weary and possibly sickly pilgrims off to work on the out-lying farms.  Now the pilgrims are gone or dead and the farms are abandoned.  Session three began with Iron Well sliding into want.  In the mean time Always and Crimson Beastie turned about at began heading back to the Hold. Crimson set on declaring his love for Plum and daring Vega’s wrath by inviting Plum to abscond together.

Always’s group of followers also finds themselves in want after giving up so much of their life energy to fuel Alway’s cryptic ritual in the swamp.  Going in to want seems to make them jumpy.  Just in sight of Iron Well the party is intercepted by Pyotr on a mission from Vega.  Crimson refuses to be deterred and sweeps Pytor up in his mad, all but headlong rush to destruction.

Before  the walls of Iron Well, Crimson makes his declaration at the top of his lungs demanding Plum be “set free” to follow eir heart and then makes an additional plea directly to Plum’s heart. Out of shear grandiosity Crimson hurls the precious lure, the hook in his heart that continuosly drew him back to Plum up into Vega’s face.  The logic being, if Vega didn’t respond they’d be storming the Hardhold anyways and would either reclaim the precious treasure or die in the attempt.  With Crimson, there really never is ever any ‘holding back’.

But the bloody climax was averted.  Ever pragmatic, Vega accepted the return of her stolen property and allowed Plum to make eir own choice.  Pyotr had earlier offered to take Plum on his far flung trading missions.  Crimson, battle lust sated (or at least distracted) resigns her temporary and tenuous command and offers to work for Pyotr so long as Plum is in his company.  Always does what Always always does…  But before the new party can depart, just before they’ve turned their back on Iron Well a sound from the wild lands captures everyone’s attention.    Some people are coming out of the woods.  They are coming this way.  And they don’t look like they’re coming to talk.

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  1. Don’t forget about Suv! With the garbage struggle ended, Suv is without work and without gas. Opening eir mind to the psychic maelstrom at the same time as Always channeled the vision of dozens of pristine cars parked in one orderly direction. Eir heart-strings tugged back to the camp which was recently abandoned.

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