May 022014

Thank you, thank you!   Let me take a break to introduce the members of our Trio:  First the’res  me Willem Wilson on base… then of course our front:  Octavia the Brave, free lancing paladin of all that is good and just, wielding her Halberd of fairness in her mailed fists of righteousness…  and finally, in the back we have….  er … well never mind the man behind the curtain.  So is everyone glad to be here!??

Last night Nat lead Owen Alissa, and Josh on a fine dungeon delve courtesy of Dungeon World – a “powered by the apocalypse” reboot of the dungeon crawling fantasy genre.

Character creation is pretty fun and fast.  It’s awfully fun to grab a character sheet and simply make a few simple choices.  Owen chose the thief sheet, I chose the bard, and Alissa the paladin. We all filled in some blanks to describe our bonds (history) with eachother.  The premise became that Octavia was a notable hero.  Willem  was an entertainer and musician who had convinced Octavia to let him join her on some important mission for the purpose of gathering material to compose a great ballad about her deeds.  Derek was an old comrade/rival of Willem who had some history together. Willem thinks Derek stays with him out of genuine affection and loyalty. Derek claimed that Willem was so flashy he provided great cover for Dereks more nefarious hobbies.  Pickpocketing and looting I suppose.

The adventure began with the three waking up in the depths of a cavern far far from the surface.  Observations suggest that they are standing on a dry (at least for now) subterranean river bed .  Should we go  upstream or downstream?  Before making progress in any direction we get attacked by a small swarm of giant rats from upstream.  After gnawing on Willem for a while, and getting bashed by Octavia the rats decide to move on.  Derek scales the wall of the cavern — the river bank— and discovers a crevice leading up and away.  Goblins attack.  Glowing mushrooms are gathered.  A cloaker constricts the paladin and is defeated. Diplomacy with underground nautically inclined dark elves ensue…

It looked like we were all having fun.  We probably only played less than two hours all told.  I’m pretty sure we could have gone longer – in terms of still having fun – had we more time.  So I’d give the game, and Nat, a high recommendation for being good for quickstart adventure fun.


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