Apr 282014

reposted for Geoffrey McVey who sent it to me on March 31  (Sorry I’m so damn slow about this) 

A Quartet for Ravens, Session Three

Tonight in our game, Derek, Joan, and Odette emerged from choosing their faerie patrons to go rescue Odette’s brother Travis from what they thought were the clutches of the Unseelie Court.

As it turned out, they were right. Going to Odette’s place, they found him looking slightly more out of it than usual and explaining that the Unseelie had promised that they would make his wishes come true if he served them. He also brought out two more of the Unseelie champions from St. Collens: Edie (“the town’s only Goth”), who had apparently been given a bow and told that she would be rewarded by having Derek notice her; and Dionne, a dancer not quite as good as Odette, who had been promised to take her proper place as a dancer once the Unseelie won.

Combat ensued, taking up most of the evening. Odette faced off against Edie with a combination of acrobatic kicks (thanks to the goatlike leaping powers granted by her patron, Father Mountain), Joan grabbed a lamp and tried to tangle Dionne’s legs in the cord, and Derek hid behind a couch as Travis’ shadow grew to menacing size. The battle ended with Derek conjured a soothing flame in his hand that caused the Unseelie to stop their violent attacks and retreat.

Afterwards, the heroes retreated to Derek’s home to check on his father, only to discover that someone had left a saucer of milk outside the door. Upon entering, Derek heard sounds of scuttling feet and spotted a group of tiny, white-haired men hiding around the house. They spoke to him in a language he couldn’t understand, but seemed friendly (and had tidied the place), so he withdrew to bring in Odette and Joan. Neither of them could understand the men, either.

Eventually, they all decided that whoever the men were, they didn’t mean any harm to Derek’s father, so the group all decided to sleep for the night. That’s where we paused.

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