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The ‘Hali-fatality’ campaign continued at Games People Play tonight.  Present: Joshua, Nat, Cater, and Alissa; regrets: Sebastian.

I really felt like tonight was a break through in terms of fun and excitement at the table. The stories started to develop.  Characters took off and crisis points started to bloom. In many ways I was less prepared than before but committed to really connecting with my NPCs and playing them for real on a moment by moment basis.  The players equally started to show me what their characters were like in a crisis and their humanity started to peek through.

Stephen Demoine

Play began with Stephen Demoine – Emily is at his apartment again. More distraught than ever as she relates a bizarre event during her data-gathering dive this morning. While in the depths of some pretty horrific shit in Tufts Cove out by the power plant, and significant depth she came face to face with a powerfully built naked mad, swimming freely in the frigid winter waters. after some awkward attempts to be soothing Stephen convinces her to get some sleep.  No sooner has she does so then Kyoteh starts fiending for her breath.  He want’s ‘just a little. She’s asleep and wont know. Stephen can’t allow this and agrees to take Kyoteh out into the city to stalk some victims.  They set up watch on South Park street and start following some drunken frat boys deeper into the South End through bad luck it takes some time before Stephen finds an ideal moment to attack.  Kyoteh’s first ‘hold’ attempt fails on the bro, sending him running in panic. Stephen deftly positions himself to trip the boy as he passes him and send him tumbling.  Kyoteh is then ordered/permitted to ‘feed’ doing his power in lethal damage against him.  This makes the punk pass out and Stephen feels obliged to call 911 for fear he’ll aspirate and die before waking up.

“911 what is your emergency”

The ensuing conversation becomes the first of several awkward calls to emergency services. Thinking fast, Stephen lies about his name and address and the circumstances of the injuries before cutting off the call and high tailing it.  Narrowly missing running into the first responders. Three boys end up in the drunk tank that night telling crazy stories about a night-stalking devil.

Tasha Garien

Back at the station, Tasha has to browbeat the Officer in Charge into releasing Simon Kim into her custody so she can take him for an emergency psych assessment in the hospital. She’s forced to comandeer her partner Jeremy and also the reluctant Vernon as security support since the suspect will need to be guarded at the hospital. At the hospital Annabel admits that although Simon is telling crazy stories of having been “possessed”, she doesn’t actually think he’s crazy.  She wants to keep him out of police custody in order to learn more.  Tasha wants Simon out of the Chief’s hands for as long as possible so they agree that by Annabel will not medically clear him for release.  Simon goes to sleep.  Vernon defects. Jeremy stands guard.  Tasha decides that this would be a good time to deal with the demon contained in her badge. He’s not ready to give up much about his agenda, demanding to be bound and offering to hand her the answer to Karla Strang’s murder. Tasha is too prudent to accept such an offer and puts him on hold.  While grabbing a couple hours of sleep the demon makes an attempt to break the contain, and against all the odds fails!

Vincent King

Vincent is in a bind. He’s summoned Wimpi into a fine antique bottle as a way of showing off to Sasheen, who so desperately wanted to see a demon. However the shock to her system of seeing sorcery in action put her into shock. Vincent scrambles to giver her first aid but she seems to be having a heart attack. (Two failures on an untrained first aid roll). He can either call 911 or try sorcery…

‘911 what is your emergency’

At least Vincent doesn’t need to lie about his name or location but while on the phone with dispatch he makes himself a meal for two, eats from both plates, and hides his recently acquired modified firearm. EHS is perfectly professional and determine that a pre-exisiting heart condition is threatening Sasheen’s life. Vince is invited to ride along. He opts to bring Wimpi in a bottle with him. Interesting.

Stephen Demoine

Kyoteh is now fat and happy and Stephen is relatively certain he hasn’t directly killed anyone tonight. Time to meet Kyla again. She said she’d wanted to see him again to discuss the book.  The book she says ‘called for him’. They meet at McDonalds on Spring Garden Road. The conversation quickly turns to Sorcery.  Kyla suspects.  She tells him she’s kept all mention of the Sorcerous book and the link to Stephen out of her report but in return she wants him to tell her a little about ‘what’s really going on’.  Stephen leads her outside and they walk along the dark side of the locked public gardens.  He explains his discovery of and mind shattering encounter with the demonic world and his summoning and binding of a demon. She wants to see it. He orders Kyoteh to appear. He refuses. He punishes and orders again.  Again Kyoteh disobeys.  (Binding contract favoured Kyoteh by 2).  Finally Stephen punishes Kyoteh down to 1 pt.  By this time Kyla is suspecting that she’s dealing with a delusional man.  But on the third try a severely weakened Kyoteh manifests as the haunting black spectre with burning blue eyes.  Kyla is reasonably disturbed and screams make him go…  Kyoteh rebels again but is successfully forced to comply.  Now Kyla has tons of questions and accusations.  She quickly deduces that this demon is responsible for the asphyxiated corpse on her examination table. She pegs Stephen as a twisted vigilante with delusions of grandeur. Finally she gives him the original book and leaves.  Stephen glances at it warily suspecting it might be a demon itself as he hobbles away Westward toward home.

Vincent, Stephen, Tasha et al

Enroute to the hospital, on board the ambulance Wimpi decides to make a break for it. With shattering success he burst out of his bottle manifesting as a full size passing demon in the shape of a 17th century able-bodied alcoholic seaman. This is too much of a shock for the EMT’s to handle and the ambulance drives off the road directly into the public garden,  just a few hundred meters from where Stephen and Kyla had been talking.  The van rolls, sending everyone flying bu miraculously no one is injured except for Wimpi himself who takes a light concussion.  The EMTs pile out of the ambulance, extricate and Sasheen while calling for a second ambulance.  They briefly question Vincent about what the fuck just happened and his answers do the exact opposite of what he hopes and instead of allaying their fears provokes them into calling police.

“911 what is your emergency…!”

“Some wise guy hijacked our ambulance and caused a nearly fatal accident… his accomplice appears to be armed with a… a sword or some kind of cutlass.!!

“Stay where you are help is on the way…”

Before police arrive, Stephen, hearing the noise and seeing the crash hobbles back, compelled or drawn to the crisis.  Upon arrival he instantly recognizes Wimpi as a demon and by deduction quickly determines that Vincent must be a sorcerer. Acting on a noble impulse he attempts to banish Wimpy. This doesn’t work. Wimpy response in rage and stabs Stephen deeply in the guts with his cutlass. Stephen drops and Wimpy disappears into the gardens.

Police arrive. Including Tasha who was wakened by Jeremy when the first general calls for back up started coming over the radio. ( The weirdness of the reports tweaked Jeremy intuitively that he should alert her. ) She quickly recognizes the stabbing victim as a Sorcerer as his clothes pulled back reveal his unnatural scarring.  She then turns her attention to the ambulance hi-jacker who’s been taken into custody.  Police searching his person found a severed human toe in his possession.  His explanations send Petrys into a ringing frenzy.

At this moment, sensing the presence of two sorcerers. Sss, the demon in Tasha’s badge starts reaching out.  He makes a fresh attempt to breach the containment, and he badge explodes into shrapnel.  Bind me! he hisses into the ears of Vincent.


Sss turns to the unconscious (coma?) form of Stephen and approaches him in a dream.  Stephen readily agrees and snap-shot binds him.  Two victories favour the demon.

As everyone involved is debriefed, taken to cells, or hospital respectively Tasha is finally dismissed from emergency duty.  Before she decides where to go next she gets a text (its 3am) from Kyla Mardine.

‘Tasha, I need to talk to you’

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  1. Great write up! I already have ideas for next week starting right after the exploding badge. (Only my next two actions as it’s pointless to plan farther). What a great game.

  2. It’s funny. I keep thinking I understand how the rules shape the power dynamics between demons and sorcerers work. Then I pick up the dice and it’s a giant fustercluck every time. I know what they say about great power and great responsibility, but I’m less and less sure that Stephen has any power to speak of. Intriguing developments, to be sure.

  3. It is curious. That banish epic fail caught me by surprise. Stephen took a brutal injury which 99% of the time would have killed him. One of the guidelines in Sorcerer is that ‘fatal injury’ is to be interpreted as ‘fatal unless it is reasonable to suppose the character will receive intensive care in a reasonable time frame.’ That being said, Stephen couldn’t have picked a much better time and place to get stabbed.

    The demons, when put to use in this game have been moderately effective. Kyoteh, when in his element, stealthy hunting and slaying, is pretty damn deadly. I think Stephen’s manoeuvre v. the fleeing bro demonstrated how powerful bonus dice are.

    One theory I have about our game in general is that our starting demons are relatively weak (power 5’s across the board) so they aren’t guaranteed to win every conflict with a regular mortal but most of them have binding bonuses in their own favour meaning they’re going to be difficult for their sorcerers to control. Of course there isn’t any reason a sorcerer has to accept these limitations, provided they are willing to risk the humanity. 🙂

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