Mar 032014

We played at Games People Play again.  We were missing Nat who was busy traipsing around the world.

Tasha Garien:
We met up with Tasha at home and got to know her morning ritual. She makes a breakfast omelette and uses copious onions, the cutting of which generates tears sufficient to bathe her ring thus meeting the demon’s need. At work she learned a few pieces of news (1) Kyla Mardine at chief medical examiners office had produced a suspiciously bland post mortem on Sam Smythe the mysteriously asphyxiated corpse of a university professor. It contained no hint of the weirdness that Kyla hinted at during their meeting. (2) A suspect in the Karla Strang murder has been arrested… and there is talk of a ‘confession’. Tasha is able to convince another officer Vernon Forbes to give her access to the prisoner: a dishevelled computer science student named Simon Kim. In the interrogation Simon is acting highly paranoid and delusional. He’s confessing and lying and apparently seeing demons even as he speaks. Tasha pulls strings, contacting an old colleague of her late husband, and gets a psychiatrist (name?) to come and do a clandestine assessment of Simon. Later, with the interview room to herself she reaches out and encounters an unbound demon lingering. “Bind me and avenge my murder!” it demands. Wisely she opts to snap contain (+1) him into her police badge to buy time to learn more about who she is dealing with.

Vincent King:
Vincent is still walking home after being dropped off on a country road when Sonya shows up in her own car. She’s excited rather than intimidated by the attack earlier. She wants him to infiltrate the Cornwallis Group. When she learns that Vincent sent them towards Sasheen, she’s concerned about what might have said
meets Sasheen: she doesn’t suspect his duplicity. Asks to be initiated into lore. He invites her over to witness a summoning. She sufferes mental injury from witnessing sorcery. He summons a “wimpy spirit” (he hopes) and contains it (+1) rather than binding it.

wakes up with dancer named Ka’een. Leaves in a hurry to dive into the harbour. Dominic takes over during hte swim. Startles a researcher (Emily Methune). Seeks his money in pp park. Ambushed by a blue devil biker who mugs him for cash in hand ($556 – not the main stash). Visits Damien… Damien is on the run from the Blue Devils and the police. Talk in an alley.. get jumped by 3 blue devils. Damien gets outa dodge while Shake shake’s em up. Dominic helps out by seriously confusing them before Shake lays down a beating. Seriously injurs a BD — turns out to be the one who mugged him… recovers like 26 bucks.

Stephen Demoine:
Kyoteh’s need has not been met. He’s clearlty getting anxious. Simon Kim calls, desperate to meet to discuss a make up of his last exam. But he doesn’t show up.

  4 Responses to “[Sorcerer] February 13th—plots thicken and congeal”

  1. I wrote information about the psychiatrist on my stat sheet that you have, Josh. Off the top of my head her first name was Annibel and her last name might have been Sweeny? Petite redhead in her early 40s, nice but says awkard things.

  2. Cool! That’s perfect.

  3. Hey Josh,
    Beaver Bank has its own ghost story book if you need any lore from the area. I can dig out my families copy.

  4. absolutely! that would be crucial. you should already be using it to gain more lore dice for yourself

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