Feb 172014

Word has it that Sam Fraser (Grow Giant Games) has been testing an interesting prototype.  On February 6th I believe Sam and Alissa played out a few permutations at The Board Room.  On the 7th Sam and Joshua met at Joshua’s house and experimented further.

I know I gave plenty of feedback during the session on the 7th but something comes to mind today.  The one word I wouldn’t use to describe the game I saw in play is “uncooperative”  this might change with more players but I feel the rules for positioning, directing melee vs. spell damage as well as the stock of cards representing a shared pool of hitpoints all went further to foster and demand cooperative play more than many games that explicitly sell themselves as cooperative.  This is not a bad thing.

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  1. Good thought. I may increase the amount of forced discarding that may happen during play, potentially increasing the uncooperative nature. I’ll be playing it again at the Board Room on Monday the 24th if you want to try it again.

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