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Last Thursday (January 30th) we gathered at Games People Play to commence the Sorcerer campaign.  Alissa, Carter, Joshua, Nat, and Sebastian engaged in some exciting “story now” role-play. As for the venue, while Games People Play lacks the style and amenities of the Board Room, our table at least had something we’d all been missing: HEAT! We were at least warm and toasty.  We also enjoyed the lower ambient volume which made dialog intensive role-play much easier.  And of course, its hard to beat the price.  Although I’d love to play Sorcerer in the comfort of someone’s home, GPP is pretty decent compromise for now.

Play report

We assembled and dealt with a few last housekeeping concerns. Then jumped into play. My humble goal for the session was for each character to get to roll some dice either in combat or while practising sorcery. We achieved at least 2 decent combats and the other two characters made some Lore checks at least so I’m satisfied.

Vincent King

received an invitation to attend a fancy ball for left-wing radical intellectuals at the Westin Hotel. He was to be an honoured guest, though not expected to give a speech. KT (the object demon residing in a severed toe) clearly wanted to come to fulfill his desire for hobnobbing with high society. Vincent’s solution was truly idiosyncratic. He used spirit gum and gauze bandages to attach the toe to his own thumb. I suppose this was a way to allow the demon some exposure and attention. In retrospect I certainly should have rolled, during combat, to see if this fell or (more likely) painfully tore away.

Vincent was met at the door by Sonya Aranha who had invited him. She kept him close throughout evening. The keynote speaker at the Gala was a certain Carlos S. Lopez, a fiery member of Hugo Chavez’s executive in Venezuela. After his rather incendiary speech, Sonya invited Vincent to take a walk with her along the waterfront and meet some of her associates involved in some covert liberal activism. Before the meeting occurred however Sonya and Vincent are jumped by some thugs disguised as rowdy students on the boardwalk. They are quickly separated and Vincent is left fighting two on his own. Though he throws some convincing punches, they ultimately overwhelm him and whisk him into a waiting vehicle. Once inside he’s threateningly interrogated about his sources for his most recent novel “Fear Starts Here” which with thin veneer of fantasy contains a biting indictment of the Cornwallis Groups role in a recent ship-building tragedy.

Eager to escape scrutiny, Vincent gives them the name of an innocent shopkeeper Sasheen Miller. Sasheen owns an occult books and curiosity shop in Dartmouth. Vincent had been a regular customer of hers for sometime.


Tasha Garien

opens the drama in conversation with her boss. Chief MacKay. She’s already been warned away from the Karla Strang murder, and today she’s being sent to meet with the Coroner about a mysterious death the night before at Dalhousie University. At the Coroner’s office she meets Kyla Mardine and learns that although the death is indeed mysterious, there’s nothing to point to obvious foul play. Tasha suspects Sorcery could be involved and studies the body closely but can’t quite place her finger on any paranomailty. She does get the very strong sense that Kyla is not telling her everything though. Before she can press further her partner Jeremy Pyke interrupts with a concern that a B&E might be in progress at the Recycle Depot.

They arrive to find signs of a large fight and one body, masked, alive but unconscious and bleeding out on the floor from a deep chest wound. Tasha administers first aid while Jeremy calls for EHS and backup. Tasha gets a good look at the victims face before he’s taken away in an ambulance. Returning to the scene, she and Jeremy give it a good sweep but are unable to gather any solid leads as to what went down here. They head over to the home of Damien Knox – the person who called in the tip.

Damien is cagey and uncooperative at first but he eventually cracks under Tasha’s persistent questioning and admits that he had participated in staging a robbery. He said he called the police because he was afraid his friend ‘Shake’ was going to get caught up in it all. When asked to describe the people he’d left the office open for, Tasha recalls the face of the person sent to hospital. Jeremy tells her he knows “Shake” from the street.



Damien told him this evening that the depot main office would be unattended and the safe unlocked. “Go and take the money they owe you”. Shake went along with this plan and stumbled on to three masked men plundering the office. One came at him with a crowbar which Shake handily took off him and used to mortally injure one thug. The other two escaped. Shake then handed control of his body over to Dominic who took the look (a couple thousand dollars) and left the area in search of a good time.

Stephen Demoine

News of Prof. Sam Smythe’s mysterious demise causes shockwaves throughout the university. Especially affected is Emily Bethune, a postdoc fellow who has been dating Stephen for a couple of months. She arrives at his doorstep with a well packed bag intending to stay. She’s been finding Halifax more and more alienating lately. She’s particularly troubled by a certain Simon Kim, a student who’s been showing her excessive, if not particularly aggressive attention recently. Some simple inquiries on on Stephen’s part suggest this Mr. Kim is rather obsessed with him as well.

Late that evening Stephen receives a strange phone call from Kyla Mardine who wishes to discuss Sam Smythe with him. They meet at the 2nd cup, Simon Kim is already there, though he leaves in a hurry after Stephen notices him. Kyla reveals that Sam Smythe was in possession of a book in which he had written Stephen’s name. She leaves him with a package that appears to contain a book. Stephen carefully hides this in an anonymous locker at the athletic center, being careful not to open the book. At one point in the even he stares Kyla down trying to detect a mark of sorcery on her. Results are inconclusive. At home he hacks into Sam Smythe’s email account and runs a quick search for his own name with negative results. Emily wont sleep; wants to use his computers.


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  1. I loved getting in for free. What amenities are you looking for?

  2. The only thing I seriously missed about the board room was their sweet liquor licence and that perky apple cider they peddle. 😉

  3. Pay me the cost and a runner’s fee and I’ll run up to Propeller to grab you some haha

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