Jan 172014

Last night at the Board Room, five scene members, Alissa, Carter, Joshua, Nat and Sebastian gathered for character creation.  Our Sorcerer game is set in modern day Halifax, on the wet and grimy streets we trudge along every day.  As I mentioned in my email invitation the only definitive difference between our fantasy Halifax and our real life Halifax is that in the fantasy one, our characters know that demons exist and can be summoned by sorcery.

See the campaign page for some of the details about the setting and characters.

For all of us it was the first time to start a Sorcerer game.  Relying on my copy of The Annotated Sorcerer we found the character creation process went very smoothly.  We were initially afraid that a session of pure character creation would be tedious and pledged to stop after an hour and “play an actual game”.  But by the time the hour rolled by we all realized we were playing and having fun and completely committed.  Ron Edwards is quite specific, in the rules text, that character creation must be done in the group.  I definitely see why.  It’s a form of procedural creativity, not unlike games like The Quiet Year, Kingdom and Microscope which we’ve all enjoyed here.  It’s best performed with an audience.  One choice we made however was to defer demon creation.  I felt compared to the fun of discussing our cover, price, kicker…  even stat descriptions, statting up an actual demon was more ‘pervy’ (to use some ancient jargon denoting ‘many points of contact  with the rules”).  Instead I’ve asked the players to give me their ideal demon and let me pour over the rules and offer them a first draft by email.  At the next session I hope we can finalize the details and jump into play.


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