Dec 202013

Sam, Geoffrey, Jennifer and Joshua formed the scene of the boardroom tonight. I was hosting and was almost but not completely prepared to run the quiet year. So after some discussion we settled on playing the final girl.

We let fate choose the premise and ended up with something about spelunking and man eating monsters. Jennifer had the brilliant idea that the excavation construction for a big new library opened up some ancient tunnels. It doesn’t characters from various walks of life all found themselves there for different reasons. My memory is poor but let me think. there was a police officer trying to service summons on homeless person. There was Nina a late on a city employee moon lighting by running tours in the newly discovered tunnels. Screen. A pair of bickering academics and a Polish exchange students were the first victims. Their senseless deaths serve the purpose of revealing to the audience that hundreds of years ago Polish immigrants were imprisoned and starved to death here. Very soon it became apparent that they’re hungry ghosts prowled the catacombs. In some large storm sewers which somehow connected to the same system a service to enter patient sought to confront phobias by subjecting themselves to theĀ  labyrinth. Let me see there was also bank robber believe the stuff that money was hidden in the depths, are young man seeking friendship and a few others I think.

Early on the killer seem to manifest itself as chops and automatic mechanical nemesis. Later it became more spiritual and organic. Ultimately the patient, by the name of Laszlo seem to become possessed by a cannibalistic spirit. As he survive more encounters with the supernatural he became more and more attuned to the dungeon. Ultimately in my interpretation he internalized its murderous essence and became the thing itself.

It was a terrific play experience. Sam and I were the only two who have played this particular game before. But Jennifer and Geoffrey we’re clearly very comfortable with the style and form of role play. It was delightful to see the sceneĀ  expand ever so slightly with their arrival. I’m very excited about what marvelous stories we will all create an experience together the new year.

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