Dec 062013

Also on December 5th,  Nat, Sam and Kieva played a game of Fiasco using the Time Warp playset.  This sees the players choosing from a variety of historical locations, lost treasures, and future possibilities as they adopt the roles of “time agents” who (nominally) fight against chronological wrongdoing throughout the continuum.  Being human though, they’re also plagued by human needs like revenge, greed, and romance.

Our story took an . . . unusual turn.  Nat ended up being a mad scientist, Sam ended up being a sociopathic carefree android, and Kieva was protecting a future, deradicalized Adolf Hitler from Nat and Sam’s depredations.  The ensuing fiasco was a politically insensitive space-time comic opera involving chronologically out of order fights in a Bohemian Berlin apartment, fortresses of solitude constructed from asteroids at the end of the universe, androids with a penchant for tea and scrabble, and bomb so powerful it trapped Nat’s character in a pocket-dimension with nothing but void and a scrabble board.

Not the best game of Fiasco I’ve ever played, but definitely interesting.  The off-the-rails turn our game took highlights the importance of “The Score”, the section at the beginning of each playset that sets the tone and expectations for the coming narrative.  Don’t forget to print it along with the Relationships, Needs, Objects and Locations!

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