Nov 262013

[Gentlemen Thieves] Aristocratic Scallywags of Leisure…
Gentlemen Thieves

By no means can you call it a play test when the game has been published and launched  to great acclaim at HalCon 2013.  None-the-less it was the first opportunity for most of us at this table to play the latest edition of Sam Fraser’s excellent story-telling game.  The new cards, the art and  refined rules all helped produce an exciting full game.   We created some hilarious stories and it was a very close game with a 3 way tie for first place.



You can call it “play testing” however when we delved into Jake’s proto-type “Exodus” a game about space exploration and colonization where every player tries to settle their own colonists on safe hospitable planets while nuking their neighbours.  Although the game cards are roughly made index cards covered in Jakes cryptic handwriting his playing pieces are all custom designed and 3D printed plastic spaceships with colour coded units for colonists and aliens.   We all had a great time with this game as well and speaking for myself at least look forward to playing again especially if Jake invests more in the production.

HIGS playing "Exodus" prototype by Jake at teh Boardroom.

HIGS playing “Exodus” prototype by Jake at teh Boardroom.

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  • Joshua Bearden

    Please comment people

  • Alissa

    I greatly enjoyed both games; I really loved exodus. Jake: why don’t you call it “space exodus” or “Exodus : deep space” so that you can keep the cool name without copyright infringement? When that game moves beyond the prototype stage, I would be interested in getting it.

    It’s also worth noting that it passed Josh’s Reaver aggression test with flying colours.