Nov 042013

Well Met Brave Scenesters – what shall we say about the next incarnation of the Hali-Indy Scene? ┬áDo we retire gracefully in the shadow of the Convention looming, or shall we rally together to scheme a successful infiltration?

Halcon says this:

8 ) Early registration will be offered Thursday, November 7th, from 6-9pm in the lobby of the Delta Barrington hotel.

I’m planning to take advantage of this opportunity and propose if other Indy Gamerz care to coordinate, we can perhaps find an impromptu venue for scheming, planning or playing in said lobby

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  • Sam

    I’m not sure what I’ll be doing from 6-9pm on November 7th. Haly-Indy competes with yoga and my accounting assignment. Who shall prevail?! Maybe we could turn the competition into a game. Wouldn’t that be fun.
    – Sam

    ps: I can’t login to post comments. And I can’t post as a guest b/c when it sees my email address it knows I have an account.

  • Joshua Bearden

    Your comment is showing up fine. There’s no need to log into the blog to post comments – all you need is a google+ or other account.

  • Sam

    Yeah my name is there but I can’t use any of the Disqus buttons. I’ve got an account with each one, and when I click on one it appears to be successful, but it doesn’t really work. No picture for example.