Apr 232015
The Dog-eared Super Hero Resents His Father

Friday, April 17th – Halifax Indy gamers gathered at Josh’s house to fritter away our lives. Sam Fraser of Grow Giant Games (yes that’s a plug Sam), offered up a chance to play-test a project he’s had on the back-burner of an old decommissioned wood stove hidden in a shed at the old homestead. The […]

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May 302014
[Sorcerer] A price too great

On the 8th of May, Carter, Alissa, and Joshua returned to the unassuming tables of gaming at Games People Play to continue the story of our Sorcerers. Event’s at the end of our last session had lead most players to consider their need for greater demonic power.  I believe it ended with failed summoning attempts by […]

May 022014

The latest chapter of our Halifax-based sorcerer game unfolded last Thursday on April 29th. The action commenced down on the waterfront where we had left at least three of the sorcerers following the shoot-up from the previous session. I admit my memory is getting foggy already, so I propose to start with a short snapshot of […]

Apr 282014

reposted for Geoffrey McVey who sent it to me on March 31  (Sorry I’m so damn slow about this)  A Quartet for Ravens, Session Three Tonight in our game, Derek, Joan, and Odette emerged from choosing their faerie patrons to go rescue Odette’s brother Travis from what they thought were the clutches of the Unseelie […]

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Apr 152014
[Pirates!] Silence of the Lame

Last Friday, April 11 a great number of gamers, I hope I don’t miss any (in order of appearance), Alissa, Jake, Carter, Richard, Travis, Sam, Stacy, and Tracy arrived at Joshua’s house.  We warmed up with a couple of rounds of Resistance.  I inadvertently played the traitor strategy of “draw maximum attention to myself and […]

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